Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Book Launch for Poems That Swim

That’s right, another book is being launched.

Who: Christian McPherson, his beautiful wife Marty Carr, Collected Works and thousands of hungry book buyers

What: Book Launch of “Poems That Swim from My Brain Like Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship” from publisher Bayeux Arts

When: Saturday December 6th, 5-7 pm

Where: Patty’s Pub on Bank Street in Ottawa South (same as last time) 1186 Bank Street (613) 730-2434

Why: Because it’s a great excuse to come out and drink beer with your friends and to pick up Christmas gifts for all of your family and friends

How: By an act of will, or if you are a determinist, by an act of fate.

Please let me know if you plan on coming so I can tell the Pub approximately how many they can expect. Tell all your friends. Hope to see you there.