Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Cube People coming this fall

Nightwood Editions will be publishing my novel in the fall, tentatively entitled, “The Cube People.”

“The Cube People” pokes fun of government cubicle culture and follows character Colin MacDonald through his shared journey of fertility treatment with his wife Sarah. At work, a cast of screwball characters surrounds Colin. He toils away at his day job as a computer programmer for the federal government while he dreams of becoming a writer. Recycled air, bad lighting, and bizarre environmental office policies are part of his daily work routine. He spends his lunch hours with his co-worker Phil over at the geriatric filled Sunshine Valley Mall eating fast food. His evenings are filled with scheduled love making sessions until Sarah becomes pregnant. In his limited spare time he works late nights on his new horror novel. Every month or so another rejection letter about his science fiction novel gets dropped into his mailbox.

“The Cube People” cooks its way through this married trinity of ingredients (one part fertility treatment, one part madcap office antics, and one part horror novel) until it reaches its boiling point: childbirth and publication. Colin is overwhelmed with joy at the arrival of his daughter Sammy. More good news comes in the form of an e-mail stating that a publisher has accepted his sci-fi novel. But then tragedy befalls our hero: his publisher is institutionalized, his laptop computer is stolen (which contains his only copy of his new horror novel), and Sarah falls into postpartum depression.

When everything seems lost, an RCMP officer and the brother of a dead man turn Colin’s luck around.

Post publication, Colin still finds himself in his government job trying to write his way out. And back into a love making schedule he goes to try for a second child. When will it end?

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Becky said...

This book was an awesome read!! It had me literally laughing out loud. Can't wait to see what you do next!