Sunday, October 24, 2010

First words on "The Cube People"

By Edgar Dunning, The Delta Optimist October 23, 2010

If the number of books waiting for review is an indication, Christmas must be just around the corner. Here's a sample of what is offered:

The Cube People by Christian McPherson, published by Nightwood Editions through Harbour Publishing, is an extraordinary tale about a common situation. Colin MacDonald finds himself in the suffocating atmosphere of the Ministry of Revenue Collection when all he wants to do is write science fiction horror novels.

Between donning a pizza costume on behalf of the Refrigerator Committee, coping with mental health issues of his fellow workers and finding a human finger in a red high-heeled shoe, Colin finds time to take care of his family.

While the writing is consistently hilarious, it is also candid about the absurdity of white-collar culture. Through his efforts to make a path for himself in writing he communicates his hope for redemption and the possibility of a happy ending.

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