Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quick Movie Review: A Little Bit Zombie (2012)

Steve (Kristopher Turner) drools like a Pavlovian dog every time he hears the word “brains.”  This is because he is a zombie.  Or at least a little bit of a zombie.  You see, Steve is getting married in six days and his bridezilla, Tina (Crystal Lowe) won’t let anything ruin her big day, including her fiancĂ© turning into a brain sucking zombie.  Such is the premise for the delightfully funny, smartly written and quirky zombie film, “A Little Bit Zombie.”
Many low-budget Canadian films often aren’t very funny, even when they are trying to be.  I’ve never been able to put my finger on what goes wrong, but inevitably it does.  They all have the stench of an unfunny CBC sitcom.   I’m very happy to report “A Little Bit Zombie” gets it right.  The laughs are real and plentiful.  I believe it’s because of the good script and great cast.  Everyone does a fine job, but Kristopher Turner is spectacular as Steve.  His performance, intentionally over the top in its maniacal optimism, echoes Johnny Depp’s role in “Ed Wood” and has the slap stick physicality of Jim Carrey’s in “Ace Ventura.”  Watch this kid, he will be a star.

If you are a fan of what I suppose is becoming its own genre, the zombie-comedy, following in the footsteps of “Shaunof the Dead,” and “Zombieland,” then “A Little Bit Zombie” is must viewing.

I had the joy of watching this film at Ottawa’s Mayfair Theatre, my favourite place to watch films.  If you have never been, go.  The programming is great as is the popcorn.  Located at 1074 Bank St. (at Sunnyside).

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Supercords said...

This was a train wreck from start to finish. Rating: F